Link Staffing San Diego, a premier staffing and temp agency in San Diego, publishes helpful guide on ways to save money by using use a temp agency.

“With the costs of recruiting, hiring and training new employees, many businesses are considering the temp agency as an alternative to using in-house teams to handle the hiring process,” says Keith Mayes, Franchise Owner of Link Staffing San Diego.

“Expenses such as placing newspaper ads, interviewing and training can be difficult to bear, particularly for start-up or small businesses,” continued Mayes. Here are three smart ways to use a temp agency to save money.

Avoid Hiring the Wrong Employee – Hiring the wrong employee is an expensive mistake that businesses feel the repercussions from long after parting ways. Even with a modest salary, when all aspects of the hiring process are combined, the wrong employee can cost as much as two and a half times the annual salary.

With a rigorous screening process, a quality temp agency is more likely to find the right “fit” the first time, ensuring businesses spend valuable time and money investing in someone with the qualifications, motivation and competence for long term employment.

temp-agency-san-diegoEliminate Costly Recruitment Process – Regardless of who leads the recruitment process, businesses that choose to hire without seeking professional help from a temp agency are forced to absorb tremendous expense. Costs associated with searching, finding and screening potential hires are higher than ever.

Finding qualified candidates takes time and money – two assets small to medium sized businesses never seem to have enough of. Placing advertisements online, and in the appropriate job-seeking communities is time consuming and expensive. Add to that, costs associated with paying current employees to read through resumes and conduct interviews and businesses can easily outpace the budget.

Boost Productivity – Productivity loss is common when businesses attempt to handle all aspects of the hiring process in-house. Front line workers, administrators, even managers are pulled from important tasks, leaving inexperienced personnel to prioritize workflow. As a result, leaders are preoccupied and productivity suffers.

From recruitment to screening to hiring, a temp agency delivers the manpower necessary to complete the process without interrupting business output. As a result, businesses can secure quality, experienced workers without pulling employees off task.

Businesses who rely on professional temp agencies to lead the recruitment and hiring process often discover they have more time, money and manpower to focus on important priorities at hand. A smart, practical decision, staffing agencies are quickly becoming the go-to solution for modern companies.

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