2014-09-04_12-30-13“Professional staffing agencies are garnering a lot of attention these days as highly skilled and motivated talent is seeking temporary work over the long, drawn out process of recruitment that often accompanies a permanent position,” says Keith Mayes, Franchise Owner of Link Staffing San Diego.

“For business, this is a tremendous benefit not only for the bottom line, but also, for securing a pool of candidates that meet or exceed expectations on-demand,” continued Mayes. Here are a few of the ways employers can benefit by using professional staffing agencies.

Access to a Just-In-Time Workforce – In an uncertain economy, more than a few businesses are skeptical about hiring permanently for fear that they will be forced to lay off in the near future. A professional temp agency takes the uncertainty out of hiring, making it easier to fill positions that may or may not be needed down the road.

Having a pool of highly qualified talent ready to work alleviates budgetary pressure, making it easier to reach business goals. In addition, with complexities surrounding healthcare and related HR issues, hiring from a temp agency puts many employers at ease.

Save Time and Resources – Recruitment can be costly, and in many cases, requires pulling personnel away from important work. Smaller companies may not have the extra hands to successfully find, train and mentor a new employee, which can lead to hiring the wrong person with the wrong skillset. A professional staffing agency takes the uncertainty out of the hiring process, screening and testing applicable candidates ahead of time, ensuring the right fit every time.

Find Specialized Talent Easily – With many new digital channels for finding and scouting talent, even the most successful businesses can be overwhelmed when looking for employees with specialized skills. Where to start? How to recruit? Proven temp agencies have broad networks established candidates who are actively looking for work. Employment agencies have access to temporary workers with the skills, education and experience needed to meet the demands of the business.

A smart, practical solution for companies of all sizes, qualified temp agencies can resolve many of the uncertainties surrounding hiring. With access to a specialized, just-in-time workforce and the opportunity to save time and resources, using a professional staffing agency just makes sense.

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