With competition fierce, many businesses are choosing to hire temporary workers rather than invest in full time talent. A smart solution, using a professional temp agency has many benefits. Here are three ways temporary staffing can help.

A Just-in-Time Workforce Saves Money
Temporary staffing provides skilled, qualified labor without the costs of full time staff. Temporary personnel are employed through the staffing agency, not the business, eliminating costs associated with employee benefits, over time pay, workers compensation or unemployment claims.

Increased Productivity
Employee burn-out is a common complaint, decreasing productivity and leaving even the most reliable staff members in need of a break. Temporary workers arrive fresh, motivated and eager to jump in to any project, reviving a tired team, and ultimately, increasing productivity.

Workload Fluctuations
Temporary staffing makes it easy and convenient for businesses to increase or decrease labor as needed. For large projects or those with tight deadlines, temporary staffing ensures talent is available, regardless of the length of extra workers are needed.

At LINK Staffing Services we are in the business of matching the right employees to the right positions with the right client companies. For Employers, you can count on us to fill your staffing needs quickly, responsibly and to your satisfaction, help improve your profitability; and offer you a larger work force pool.

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